California Gold Country Outdoor Recreation

Have you ever heard of Gold Rush Country? This is the place where the famous Gold Rush first began and it is called El Dorado County on the South Fork of the American River. You will find the American River located only 3 hours East of the San Francisco Bay area and 45 minutes east of Sacramento. El Dorado’s California Gold County outdoor recreation includes many exciting opportunities that are perfect for a family outing.

Some of the outdoor recreation that you can find in this area includes the following.

o River Rafting

o Camping

o Fishing

o Boating

o Hiking

o Gold panning

o Skiing

There is a lot of excitement and fun available for you when you visit El Dorado’s California Gold County. If you enjoy hiking, some of these trails can be very stimulating so come prepared. It is a great place to visit when you are searching for a unique way to have a great vacation.

Who Can Enjoy the Recreation This Area Has to Offer

Another great thing about visiting El Dorado’s California Gold Country is the fact that anyone can have a great time here. Whether you are planning a one day getaway or a week vacation California Gold country has something to offer everyone. It is a great place for the family to go and spend relaxing quality time together. It can bring a family closer together and give them something to talk about later when they need a happy time to reflect back on.

It is also a great place for couples to visit. California Gold Country has many things to offer that can help bring you closer together. There are a lot of outdoor recreations available to keep you entertained while spending time together. Below are some more of the wonderful opportunities for fun and excitement that can be found in El Dorado’s Gold Country.

Types of California Gold Country Outdoor Recreation

El Dorado is an amazing place to visit if you are interesting in historical sites. Just to give you an idea of what this area has to offer below is a list of some of the sites you can visit.

o Mining towns

o Country inns

o Museums

o Historical sites

o Gold mines

Have you ever been panning for gold? This can be a very riveting experience. You can try it for free in Marshall Gold Discovery Park where gold was first discovered in the South Fork of the American River.

River Rafting in California Gold Country

Are you searching for an outdoor recreation that is filled with excitement and adventure? Then consider rafting down one of the exciting rivers that the California Gold country has to offer such as the South Fork American Class III River. The Whitewater Rivers found here have everything needed to provide the perfect rafting adventure for every rafter from the beginner to the experienced. When you raft down the South Fork American River you can enjoy calm peaceful waters where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. However, don’t get to use to this because you will also be facing some pretty challenging rapids that can really get your heart racing.

Merced River – Yosemite National Park

If you are an experienced rafter that is searching for the ultimate rafting experience, then you can choose the neighboring Merced River for an even more exhilarating rafting experience.

The Merced River is located in the peaks of the Yosemite National Park which is 3.5 hours from San Francisco Bay and 6 hours from Southern California. Unless you are a highly experienced river rafter, choose an experienced professional company with trained guides to maximize your enjoyment. Whatever type of excitement you are searching for, it can be found when you visit El Dorado’s California Gold Country.

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